Student Yiyuan Qiao works on RoCo – a mobile robot that provides personalized heating and cooling.
The 2016 RoCo team from the 2016 ARPA-e Summit.
Students Tinyue Qiu and Yiyuan Qiao set work in one of CEEE’s test chambers.
Student Zhiwei Huang works on her research in the CEEE Energy Lab.
Naila Al Hassan, materials engineering graduate student, works on a collaborative project in CEEE.
Student Lei Gao at work in the CEEE Heat Pump Lab.
Student David Catalini works on a thermoelastic cooling project.
Heat pump lab experimental chamber constructed by CEEE students and faculty.
David Hymas, Stefan Bangerth, and Ratnesh Tiwari at work in CEEE’s Small and Smart Thermal Systems Lab.
Students Xiang Zhang and Hadi Keramati in the Small and Smart Thermal Systems Lab.
Student Daniel Bae working in the SSTS Lab.
‘Smart Nozzle’ from a SSTS Lab experimental unit.
Ph.D. graduates Mohamed Beshr, Tao Cao, and Daniel Bacellar at Commencement, winter 2016.
The AHXPI team demonstrates Next-generation Heat Exchangers at the ARPA-E Summit.
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Pines Elected to National Academy of Engineering

Dean of UMD's engineering school to receive one of engineering's highest honors.

125 Years of Daring Vision, Lasting Impact

The A. James Clark School of Engineering is proud to celebrate its 125th anniversary in 2019!

RoCo Advances to Beta Test Before Public Launch

Roving comforter offers personal cooling and significant energy savings.



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