Alumni Spotlights

Omar Abdelaziz (Ph.D., 2009), Group Leader, Senior Research Staff, Building Equipment Research Group (BERG), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

John Judge (Ph.D., 1996), Vice President of Supply Chain, Emerson Network Power

Jan Muehlbauer (M.S., 2006), Faculty Specialist, University of Maryland

Andrew Mueller (M.S., 2010), Lt. U.S. Navy, U.S. Naval Academy

Khaled Saleh (Ph.D, 2012), Manager, Simulation Group, Goodman Manufacturing - a member of Daikin Group

Amir Shooshtari (Ph.D., 2004 ), Research Scientist, University of Maryland

Varun Singh (Ph.D., 2009), Vice President a Sefaria UPDATE: Project Manager at Facebook since Dec. 2014.

Han-Chuan 'Randy' Tsao (M.S., 2011), Lead Engineer, Whirlpool