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ACTA Personnel


Yunho Hwang

Dr. Yunho Hwang, Associate Director
Associate Research Professor and Director

Yunho Hwang is director of the Alternative Cooling Technologies and Application Consortium in CEEE. Dr. Hwang works extensively in refrigerant alternatives research, particularly involving carbon dioxide. His focus is on enhancing understanding of the transcritical carbon dioxide cycle through cycle simulation, model development and experimental studies. His career spans more than twenty years, including ten years of industrial experience at Samsung Electronics as a senior researcher in the area of air conditioning and refrigeration. Dr. Hwang is the author of two books, Vapor Compression Heat Pumps with Refrigerant Mixtures, with Reinhard Radermacher, 2005, and Technical Heat Transfer, 1988, and was a contributor to Automotive Air-Conditioning, 2nd Edition, with the chapter “Alternative Refrigeration Cycle”, 2002. He has also published nearly 100 articles and papers in the field. He is a member of ASHRAE, SAE, ASME, and IIR.
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Ken Kiger Dr. Kenneth Kiger
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Kenneth Kiger is a member of the Clark School Academy of Distinguished Professors. His research interests include fluid mechanics and experimental techniques, specifically in the topics of multi-phase flows, particle/turbulence interaction, and turbulent mixing in complex geometries. Current project topics include applying Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) to the suspension of sediment in turbulent channel flows, air entrainment by plunging liquid jets, fundamental dynamics of spray cooling for electronic applications, and the effects of turbulent mixing on safety issues within Pressurized Water Reactors of nuclear power plants. Dr. Kiger earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, San Diego, in. 1995.
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Jan Muehlbauer

Jan Muehlbauer
Faculty Research Associate

Jan Muehlbauer is designing and testing a thermo electric subcooler for air conditioning systems and a Laview-based data acquisition software and automated Excel analysis for Coca Cola. He is working in collaboration with the university’s facilities office and vendors to decommission two buildings’ integrated combined heat and power (CHP) systems. He designed a complex test facility for refrigerant maldistribution measurements in manifold headers, and he supervises graduate students in system design, instrumentation, and control and analysis of collected data and problem solving. Mr. Muehlbauer earned his Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland in 2006, with a focus on Thermal-Fluid Sciences. As a Graduate Research Assistant with CEEE he designed heat exchangers for low temperatures. He is a Certified International/ European/ German Welding Engineer, and has a degree in process engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, Germany. He is an EPA certified Universal technician and member of ASHRAE.  Email:


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