Submit Your Proposal

Proposal Format

The proposal narrative must be no more than a three-page description of the student’s research and must identify how it addresses some aspect of a forward looking solution in their area of research. The proposal must include the following, all within the three-page limit:

  • One-paragraph abstract summarizing the research plan,
  • Brief description of the problem and relevant background,
  • Proposed plan of research,
  • Paragraph describing plans to present the results and efforts to further fund the research.
  • Bios of the student and the advising faculty member, each not to exceed two pages in length, should be appended to the proposal narrative.
  • Advising faculty member signed reference letter (PDF), which provides an assessment of the student and his/her applicability for the fellowship.

The deadline to upload your full proposal is 4 p.m. on July 1, 2019.

Questions?  Contact Mary Baugher, (301) 405-7661.


10 MB file size limit.