Deisenroth, David

Research Topic: 

Two-phase flow, polymer heat exchangers, additive manufacturing


Story by Francesca Pascual

Ph.D. student Dave Deisenroth’s current project, titled 'Flow regimes in a curved diabatic two-phase microgap', studies the flow regimes in two-phase flow systems and the effects of extreme radial acceleration on the liquid and vapor phases in the fluids. He hopes that he’ll be able to understand and characterize high-performing two-phase flow systems, and that this research will be applied to high heat flux electronics. Leading up to this project, Deisenroth also worked with another Ph.D. student, Raphael Mandel, on the thermal packaging of electronics. “I had the opportunity to present that research at the IEEE’s Intersociety Thermal Conference in June 2016,” he says. His presentation focused on solder bonding paper related to his current two-phase flow refrigeration project. Deisenroth also has a long-term project that he’s been working on since coming to CEEE in August 2014, which focuses on the thermal properties of polymers contributing to power plant dry cooling and thermal packaging of electronics.

Passion for Electronics

Deisenroth’s interest in mechanical engineering is mostly based on the opportunity for practical uses. “I feel like I have the opportunity to help solve some of society’s problems using engineering. Electronics are my main interest because I think the emerging technologies can bring an increased quality of life to people around the world,” he explains. Deisenroth’s expected graduation date is spring 2018.  He likes the idea of doing a government post-doc at a national lab for electronics cooling after graduation, although industry work is not out of the question.

Before beginning his Ph.D. program, he earned his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree at Michigan Technological University, both in mechanical engineering. His Master’s thesis focused on the fundamental visualization of two-phase flow systems. He also had internships at a mining equipment company and a road commission company before he decided his primary mechanical engineering interests were in electronics.

Experiencing Maryland

When Deisenroth was trying to decide where to go for his Ph.D., CEEE’s reputation appealed to him. “It has an excellent mechanical engineering program, exceptional advisors, and great research groups. It was obviously the best option,” he replies. After spending his life in Michigan, he was interested in seeing what life in other parts of the United States was like. “I like having the Metro so I can go into Washington D.C.,” he mentions, “There are a lot of places to go too, like restaurants, comedy clubs, and music venues.” A lifelong mountain-biker, Deisenroth misses having many mountain bike trails nearby, but enjoys the trails and dirt jumps around Schaeffer Farms in Germantown, Maryland.