Bae, Daniel

Research Topic: 

Embedded 2-phase cooling of high power electronics


Story by Francesca Pascual

Daniel Bae is currently working on his thesis, Embedded 2-phase cooling of high power electronics, which focuses on creating an embedded heat exchanger for high power electronics. In traditional models, a modular heat exchanger is fixed on top of the central processing unit (CPU); in Bae’s model, the heat exchanger is directly embedded in the CPU. “By embedding the heat exchanger, there is a decrease in thermal path resistance. The weight and packaging requirements are also lessened,” Bae explains. Additionally, he is trying to increase the cooling power by using a two-phase evaporator, which should allow for 20 times more cooling flux than traditional models.

Wants to create products with real-life applications

Bae began working on this project two and a half years ago as an undergraduate student. After earning Bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Physics from the University of Maryland, he turned his focus towards earning his Ph.D., also in Mechanical Engineering. His interest in CEEE came from his desire to research. “I want to create products with real-life applications,” he explains, “I like having a concrete end goal.” After graduating in three years, Bae would like to go into research, but sees industry work as an appealing backup option.

Bae has held internships and worked in a number of labs, including a physics lab at the University of Maryland during his undergraduate years; he measured cosmic rays to assess deep space radiation coming from stars. He also worked at an Army research lab where he studied gun ballistics and built computer programs. Bae spent some time interning at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. working on a fire protection project for sensitive exhibits.

Embedded in the 'Gamer Symphony'

Originally from Daejun, South Korea, he moved to the United States when he 11 years old. Bae grew up in a rural area, and prefers the suburban parts of Maryland to Washington D.C. He is an avid musician, and has played guitar for the past 13 years. He is also part of the University of Maryland’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra, and likes to read fantasy novels and play video games in his free time.