Huang, Long (*Alumni, Ph.D. 2014)

Research Topic: 

Note: Long Huang graduated in 2014, and his dissertation was “Development of Advanced Numerical Models for Variable Geometry Microchannel Heat Exchangers.”  He now works for Navigant.


Story by Francesca Pascual

Long Huang, Ph.D.On October 21, 2014, graduate student Long Huang made the exciting transition to alumni after he successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation, “Development of Advanced Numerical Models for Variable Geometry Microchannel Heat Exchangers.” The primary goal of his research was to develop a comprehensive, advanced model for HVAC implementations that would appeal to engineers. “The project discovered significant material and volume saving for microchannel heat exchanges. Such saving potential would encourage the engineers to look at creative designs with the proposed variable geometry model,” said Huang.

After four years of hard work, it is no wonder Huang said he felt relieved to finally be finishing his doctorate. Even on his last work-day, he was staying late to help other graduate students with their own projects. 

Huang is excited about his new job, which he started on October 27 at Navigant Consulting in Washington D.C. There, he will serve as a Senior Consultant in Energy Efficiency, Policy, and Analysis. He will participate in setting energy conservation standards for commercial and residential appliances. Huang views this as not only a change in occupation, but also a change in field. “Working on a Ph.D. meant I was focused on research,” said Huang, “Now my work has a strong, immediate impact.” He believes that this new job with Navigant Consulting will also give him a comprehensive understanding of the industry, a lesson he is looking forward to learning.

Huang came to The University of Maryland in 2010 for his doctorate after attending Zhengzhou University of Light Industry in Henan, China. He feels that he benefited from his time at the CEEE. “There is a lot of industrial and consulting-based research. The simulation tool that you work on can be made usable immediately, and does not just exist for academic purposes,” said Huang. He found working on technology that other people ended up using very rewarding.

He has also enjoyed attending The University of Maryland because he has been presented with a lot of unique travel opportunities, and has been able to meet many friends and colleagues with different cultural backgrounds. Huang also likes experiencing all four seasons and Maryland’s weather.  Huang’s feelings of fulfillment when people make use of his work is part of the reason why he became an engineer. “I wanted to design things, make them, and then have people use them in their everyday life,” said Huang. His recent achievements, receiving a scholarship from the AEE Baltimore Chapter and being awarded Second Best Paper at the Purdue Conference, show that Huang desire to create has fueled many successful endeavors.

Long and Deng weddingOver the summer, Huang was married in China to Qian Deng. Together, the newlyweds are looking forward to living in Washington D.C., although they do not enjoy finding or paying for parking. Since Qian is a landscape architect and enjoys art, they have already gone to many of the museums and monuments. The couple now prefers to spend their weekends doing recreational activities, like cycling, kayaking, and snowboarding.