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Prof. Yunho Hwang

Hwang, Yunho

Research Professor


Dr. Yunho Hwang is a research professor and is co-director of Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE).  He is known worldwide as an expert in energy efficiency and new innovative energy systems research in the field of refrigeration and air-conditioning (RAC).

His research areas of expertise are: Working Fluids, Heat Transfer, Compact Heat Exchangers, Vapor Compression, Sorption Cycles and Caloric Cooling, Electrochemical Compression, Alternative Cooling Technologies and Applications, Advanced Energy Conversion Systems and Integration of Thermal Systems, Renewable Energy, and Waste Heat Utilization.

Dr. Hwang started his industrial career at Samsung Electronics in 1983, developing energy efficient heat pump systems, and replaced ozone-depleting R12 with R134a in household refrigerators. Since he joined the University of Maryland in 1993, he developed R-22 alternative refrigerants for air-conditioning systems, and then started his research on enhanced CO2 systems. In 1997, he started the Energy Efficiency and Heat Pumps (EEHP) consortium as a director. The EEHP consortium has successfully developed multiple innovative energy efficient and sustainable RAC technologies.

In addition to developing energy efficient technologies such as two-stage CO2 split cycle, saturation cycle, and hybrid separate sensible and latent cooling technology, Dr. Hwang has initiated new innovative research on “not-in-kind” refrigeration systems beyond sorption technologies - such as elastocaloric cooling systems and electrochemical compression for natural refrigerants. As an educator and researcher, he has advised UMD students teams for multiple national and international collegiate design competitions, introduced innovative thermal systems concepts, and helped these teams win either first or second place in these competitions. 

He is an ASME Fellow, an ASHRAE Fellow, and a member of ASME, ASHRAE, SAE, and IIR. Currently, he serves as a chair of ASME's Advanced Energy System Division, a Vice President of Commission B1 and a past chair of the LCCP Working Group for the IIR, a program chair of the Refrigeration Committee for ASHRAE and an operating agent of ANNEX 54 for IEA HPT. Since 2015 he has served as a subject editor for Energy, Elsevier (Netherlands), and since 2013 as editor of the International Journal of AC&R, World Scientific (US).

His innovative research during his long career has resulted in 300 publications including two books, seven book chapters and 13 patents. Six of his publications are most cited articles or most downloaded articles from Elsevier. He is an author of one of the top 1% most highly cited papers in authors in his field (2016).

For more information visit his webpage on the Department of Mechancial Engineering websiite.